How to buy an Original Smartphone in Kenya!

You have used ‘kabambe’ for some time now, or would like to upgrade, but you don’t want to be conned.

But before we go into it, any smartphone should at least have:


  • Internet speed in 4G or 3G


  • Good Camera in megapixels


  • Reliable Storage, both RAM and ROM


  • Bluetooth

Some Popular Smartphone Brands available in Kenya


1. Tecno


2. Huawei


3. HTC


4. Infinix


5. Samsung


6. Oppo


7. Apple


8. Nokia


Many Kenyans require smartphones mainly for social networking, browsing and for having an archive to store videos, music and pictures. So a ensure before you buy, it has these features:


1.A good camera with 13 megapixels and above:

2. Storage: total ROM of 8 to 128GB in memory is good with at least 1GB in RAM, so as to ensure it does not hang, especially when handling your important tasks


3. Networking speed: Ensure the device has 4G capability, otherwise you will end-up with a very slow internet when browsing or downloading


4. Battery: Battery power/performance is measured in (mAh)-Milli Amp hours. Make sure it has at-least 3000mAh, so that it lasts long, also most current smartphones have an inbuilt battery, so lookout for this too.


5. Android Version: To check for this, go to the phone’s setting, choose system option, then click about phone. You should see the android version listed. Android version 6 and above is recommended.


6. Display: Choose the screen size you prefer.


7. Lastly, check for Sim card slots, two sim is better and maybe a slot for memory card if the internal storage is not enough for you.


And thats it, hope these tips help, let us know your experience in the comments section.















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