Turn Covid-19 quarantine to an Opportunity.

Staying at home sucks at times, especially when we actually got not much to do. So why not blog?

What is a blog? It is An Information website displaying content in reverse. Can help you earn income as well as promote your business.

Many lack interest in blogging or, they wouldn’t wan’t to ‘sweat it’ since it entails a lot, but its easier than assumed.

So today I am going to help you with the technicalities of hosting a site:

Before we dig in, know this: There two ways to make a site:

  1. You could use a web builder, eg: wix.com, this is actually easier if you are making your site for the first time without much experience in coding, but it wold actually cost you more.
  2. Or you could use WordPress. This method has more technicalities than the first and it would require you continuously update and edit your site quite often. Check out this link for more information: link

Now follow the below steps:

  1. First find a web hosting company suited for you, examples: Bluehost, WordPress, Web Host, if you live in Kenya, try out Tupoa Hosting or, click this link for more options.


  1. After finding your suitable Web hosting company, pay for their services, usually they would charge a fee for domain name choice and hosting fee once per year. click here to watch the video on this:


  1. Then they would give you the login credentials for ‘C panel’ (a back-end online service that will help you set up your site before publishing it online!)

Now you are all set to begin, In the next article, We will look at how to actually get it done, to the point of publishing the site online.